Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yorkshire pudding...or wait popovers?

So after I finally found a summer job I decided to treat myself to Jamie Oliver's new Food Revolution cook book. His basic idea is we should al learn to cook and make healthy food with real ingredients. The surprising part is that half the recipes call for either bacon or heavy creme....but they do look good. I like that they are all kinda British and he has a ton of recipes for curries, which I've kind of always wanted to learn how to make.

Anyway, I decided on making Yorkshire pudding, or what my Dad/Grandma call "popovers" because they pop over the side of the pan.
Here they are at about 5 minutes into the cooking process(out of 15).

This is after about 10 minutes and right before my smoke detector went off. This recipe takes a pretty hot oven (475 degrees), thus burning all the bits of pizza (my roommate never puts her pizza on a baking sheet), and pie filling left from Thanksgiving, which reminds me I should learn how to clean out an oven.

So I pulled them out of the oven at 12 minutes because the smoke detector surprised me and I wanted it to stop, but I soon realized it wasn't the Yorkshire pudding that was burning, so I put it back in for 2 minutes. This probably made some of them pop less, but they still turned out tasty.

I paired my puddings with some leftover Shepherd's pie, making for a nice British Sunday dinner! (and the shepherd's pie is a "healthy" recipe, so if I had followed it exactly it would have been only 350 calories per serving).
The only problem I found with the Yorkshire pudding recipe is that they were a bit oily. The recipe called for a tablespoon of vegitable oil in each of the muffin holes, and it left some of the puddings dripping in oil, or in the case above, with a little pocket of oil inside. But they turned out delicious and crispy, even though I pulled them out before they were done!

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  1. I use about a teaspoon of oil when I make them. It still works well and is less oily. They look awesome for a first try!