Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day!

Apparently, no one knows what May Day is! I guess the only reason I know is because one time as a kid we celebrated in girl scouts and had a May Pole dance and everything. It turned out pretty cool.

But with May Day comes the first day of Me-Made-May. Since I only just started making my own clothes, I'm going to be doing a super-lite version. Basically, I'm gonna wear my hand made clothes as much as possible this month, but since I only have 5 dresses and 1 skirt, its not going to happen every day.

Today I'm going to start with my sparkly blue damask dress, but I'm still in my gym clothes (I was about to go out to the door to the gym when my landlord showed up to fix the washing machine, which 3 hours later he is still doing. Though, I gotta say, even though this is taking a while, he is a much better landlord than anyone I know, and is actually fixing things! :) ).

But on an other awesome point, I got my patterns I ordered from Vogue today! They had a sale the other day so I had to scoop up all the ones I can never find at Joanns!

So, right now I'm not sure when I'm gonna make these or what fabric I'll use. I'm not letting myself think about it until my finals are over on Wednesday. But I certainly do have a lot to make!

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  1. hello, just over from the me made may site, checking out my fellow 'team mates'!

    I bought 15 patterns from that sale and four are the same as yours! We have similar tastes it seems.

    Will follow your progress. My patterns have to be delivered to Australia, so its unlikely I'll get them in time to fit into my May wardrobe. You do it for both of us !