Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Maybe I should do mine like this.

Can you say eye-candy

I'm getting tons of decorating inspiration from this site! It makes me want to buy one of those ikea shelves that is all cubes and put lights in some of them! How cute! I can't wait to decorate in Chicago!!!!!!!!

An other new and awesome blog

I like this blog. Its about fashion and sewing and such. Suuuuweeeet.

Cool Crochet jewelry

I really need to buy some yarn so I can whip up a ton of these bracelets...and then make a necklace...and then a belt...and then a strap for a bag...


Knitted/Crocheted Graffiti...I have never wanted to vandalize public property so much in my life.


I DOwant to crochet a monster shake. I need to go buy yarn.

Because who doesn't need a hamburger dress?

I want Meredith to do this.

I think I have a new hero

And a new blog to constantly visit. She does a lot with crocheting and buttons...COOL.
And theres a picture with her and a friend on her blog, her friend is pregnant and her t-shirt has a jar of tomato sauce that says "Preggo" teehehe

Tree pedistal cake stand

I am totally trying to get my Dad to make this for me. It would be a super cute way to display cupcakes, or a cake....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I also need to start knitting

I was reminded about how I sent this link to Miss C. Corday. I need to check the library to see if they have this book!

I need to stop looking at blogs

and start crocheting!

Felt buttons!

I also want to do this with felt!!

Button Flowers

This looks uber-cute!!! I can't wait until I'm done with finals and have time to do it!!!