Sunday, May 2, 2010

Me-made-may day 1

Well, its day 2 of Me-made-may and since I'm doing the lite-lite version, I wore nothing homemade today. But yesterday I wore Butterwick 4443. Its a pretty, light-blue, sparkly damask. The sparkles at first seemed super fun, but now I can't wait for them to wash out of the fabric. I also find specks of glitter everywhere in my apartment.
I paired the dress with plain white belt from H and M, and I wore a sweater part of the day too. Please note the crappy 10-second delay photography skills, no one was home help, so I discovered new tricks on my camera.
I just realized I've made this pattern, or variation of, for 4 dresses. It is one of the "Sew Easy" patterns, and it really was, except for zippers...but it also has a pretty full skirt and only requires 2 yard of fabric!

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