Wednesday, February 24, 2010

For the love of Blogs!

In my continual attempt to avoid doing work...even though I know I should, I spent all of my office hours today searching for new craft projects. Alas, a list:

This is just a book blog I feel in love with

I want to try to make a ruffle tee!

Great rug idea, but i'm not sure if I like the Chevron pattern thing. Maybe I could try a stripe or stenciled pattern though

I wish I bought more interesting food in cans to make these!

If I had a house I would buy this
But since I don't, the stamp thing inspired me to make note cards ect...I love using that stamp stuff that makes it pop up and shiny, so I might be heading to a craft shop soon to get some...

I'm also seriously thinking about taking a screen printing class...and then opening up an etsy shop...

This menu planner/shopping list is awesome too, but I'm not sure my life is organized enough for it...

A really easy cardigan updater that could also work on an old sweater. I should think about updating my wardrobe when I get tired of it, instead of just buying new stuff.

That is I have to go to class and remember to actually do all this stuff that I want to do!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

fun furniture

I totally plan on doing this! I have the perfect wall to put a china hutch, and I saw a bunch with great structure at the thrift shop a couple of blocks away....can't wait until I actually have time to do it too!