Thursday, August 20, 2009

Doug and Gary the Happy Pirates at Ontario Beach Park

Lampy-lamps and shelfy-shelfs!

So, for the love of before and afters....though these before and afters only required a paint job, I thought I would share. I bought two candle-stick lamps at the Christmas Tree shop, this is a chain in the northeast that is full of cheap stuff that is not exactly what you want but on the way there. So I got these for $10 and $12, with some really awful, trying to be shabby chic but just plain shabby, lamp shades. So instead of using the shades that came with, I bought two more lamps for $8 each and used the black shades on them, and created new lamp shades for the other lamps(not shown).

After a sand, prime and coat of awesomely magenta paint they look perfect!

Here is an other fun project that used the same awesomely pink paint. I also found these shelves at the Christmas Tree Shop. I was looking for a plain flat shelf, but these are just soooo much cooler! However, I thought they needed something to bright them up. Instead of painting the entire shelf pink, which I was tempted to do, I went for the more subtle, but still uber chic, painting of only the inside. So you can still see the pink, but its not over-powering or too pink(though, is anything ever too pink? maybe a zit or a blushing face, but not really).

Above is a picture of the awesome tape job I did to make sure I got the pink only on the inside. I LOVE painter's tape, except when it sticks to the electric cords of the lamps you're painting.

And these are the shelves on the wall! So far, I have decided not to put anything too extreme in them yet, just little things people have given me. Notice the paper sculpture of the White House my boss gave me, and the little and awesomely-pink Russian doll in the smallest shelf, the "L" is from when a friend went to El Salvador for a working spring break trip!

Genesee Country Museum

By far, the best living history museum I have ever been to is Genesee Country Museum! It's just a couple minutes from my parents's house, so I always make it a point to go there. 2 weeks ago, it happened to be Laura Ingles Wilder day and they had lots of fun events!

Meredith spitting watermelon seeds. She almost beat all the little kids, but then some dad participated and kicked ass.
Kaitie also tried the contest.

And myself as well. I don't really know anything about spitting, so I did horribly! Apparently you need to roll your tongue as you spit and then it will go farther...

Mer Bear loved that oxen, she took a million and three pictures of it, while the rest of us ran away. I think Meredith should just marry the oxen...he could make her life much more fulfilling.
Finally, one of the main reasons we came, to see "Ma" from the "Little House on the Prairie" TV show. She is behind us somewhere, but you can't really see her. I probably would have better appreciated seeing her if I had watched the show. Next year I hope they get Jason Bateman, he was on the show too and probably much more interesting!!


So its been about a million years since I posted...oops. But I've been super busy preparing to move and crying about leaving my wonderful job!

Now I am finally moved in, all my Ikea furniture is put together, the internet works, and my artwork is hanging on the walls! I will post pictures soon, I just need to complete a few more details before I can show the finished project which has taken me MONTHS to put together.

However, I do have some awesome before and afters, though really all they are are paint jobs, of some of the accessories in my bedroom.

This is a kind of crappy before shot. But it was a creme colored mirror. I don't think it actually has the mirror part in this picture. But either way it was kind of ugly and only $4 at the Christmas Tree Shops.

So I primed it! and then painted it my favorite color!
Pink! Yeah! I feel like I'm giving away little details of what is to come with the rest of the room!!!

I also need to discuss the comings and goings of my short time in Rochester.