Thursday, August 20, 2009

Genesee Country Museum

By far, the best living history museum I have ever been to is Genesee Country Museum! It's just a couple minutes from my parents's house, so I always make it a point to go there. 2 weeks ago, it happened to be Laura Ingles Wilder day and they had lots of fun events!

Meredith spitting watermelon seeds. She almost beat all the little kids, but then some dad participated and kicked ass.
Kaitie also tried the contest.

And myself as well. I don't really know anything about spitting, so I did horribly! Apparently you need to roll your tongue as you spit and then it will go farther...

Mer Bear loved that oxen, she took a million and three pictures of it, while the rest of us ran away. I think Meredith should just marry the oxen...he could make her life much more fulfilling.
Finally, one of the main reasons we came, to see "Ma" from the "Little House on the Prairie" TV show. She is behind us somewhere, but you can't really see her. I probably would have better appreciated seeing her if I had watched the show. Next year I hope they get Jason Bateman, he was on the show too and probably much more interesting!!

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