Thursday, August 20, 2009


So its been about a million years since I posted...oops. But I've been super busy preparing to move and crying about leaving my wonderful job!

Now I am finally moved in, all my Ikea furniture is put together, the internet works, and my artwork is hanging on the walls! I will post pictures soon, I just need to complete a few more details before I can show the finished project which has taken me MONTHS to put together.

However, I do have some awesome before and afters, though really all they are are paint jobs, of some of the accessories in my bedroom.

This is a kind of crappy before shot. But it was a creme colored mirror. I don't think it actually has the mirror part in this picture. But either way it was kind of ugly and only $4 at the Christmas Tree Shops.

So I primed it! and then painted it my favorite color!
Pink! Yeah! I feel like I'm giving away little details of what is to come with the rest of the room!!!

I also need to discuss the comings and goings of my short time in Rochester.

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  1. super cute! can't wait to see it in your room.