Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cheap and awesome wall decal

So I found a cool trick to decorate without destroying the walls. If only I had learned this when I was a freshman in college instead of a senior, then maybe I could have done some more interesting stuff. Though I really enjoyed my plain white wall before, this is much more interesting and was fun to do. Also, its way cheaper, and more unique than those wall decals you can buy online and in stores and stuff.
Here's how:

paintbrush or foam brush
1. Cut the material out in the shape you want on the wall, or if you feel like wallpapering the wall with fabric, leave it as it is.
Combine 4 tablespoons of cornstarch with half a cup of cold water. Then pour in 2 cups of hot water and mix. It should thicken up really quickly.
3. Apply the cornstarch mixture to the wall and both sides of the fabric and then glue it on the wall. I had to put a push pin in the stump of the tree for a couple minutes until the mixture got a little more tacky and it stopped falling off the wall.
4. Wipe away whats left of the mixture on the wall that is around the fabric and admire your awesomeness at creating a wall decal!

The cornstarch mixture can drip, so be careful what is below your awesome new wall decal.
It looks great on my dorm wall, and was an easy way to fix up the space. Plus it made me feel like a teen from the 50's(I can totally picture my mom having done this at my age if she was crafty). Meredith says her mother used to do this to the walls when they were young and lived on an army base.

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  1. yeah, they did it as wainscoting under the chair rails. except i think they used liquid starch that you buy at the store. but cornstarch is probably cheaper.