Thursday, March 25, 2010

Screen Printing!

So this is the angry typewriter. I think I need to give him an evil name, like Walter or Jeeves.I basically traced him over a picture of an old typewriter that looked it had a face, he came out pretty well!
And then I turned him into a screen at a class at The Needle Shop. Its a cute shop, with gorgeous fabric, and they have classrooms for sewing and crafting classes. I gotta say, screen printing is way more intense than one would think. You have to use an emulsifier to get your image on the screen, so its kinda like working in a darkroom, you don't want to expose it before you get the image. Then after you expose it to your image, you wash out the light parts(what was originally in black on the image) with water and then the screen printing can begin!
I made hand towels with the evil typewriter, so he stares at me while I pee.
This is his beauty shot close-up. Sexy, right?
He's also an awesome bag, so he can see the world and give the stink eye to everyone when I wear it!

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