Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jammi got patio funiture!!!!

So Jammi bought some new and super awesome patio furniture and some palm plants. I also bought some flowers that I will nurture into colorful goodness! We put it all together out there, and soon we will have dinner on the patio. The picture above is from the corner right in front of the door.
This is the table. Note the cute green pillow rolls. Jammi and I tried to make beaded napkin rings...but we kind of gave up.
This is the lounging corner. We aren't completely sure where everything is going to go, so a lot of stuff is just sitting around waiting to be moved.

This is one of the two plants I bought! I almost got the pink Gerbera daisy, but this one looked livelier. I also got bright pink geranium. There is something I weirdly love about the absurd metallic smell of a geranium.
Yeah! I can't want to spend all my weekends sitting outside and reading a book on our patio!!

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  1. omg it looks so awesome! and i may have to make some napkin rings from saran wrap tubes.
    now if only the living room looked that good... ;) maybe i'll work a deal with jammi to buy a couch and loveseat together and split the cost or something. 'cause the current ones look... college-y, to put it nicely.

    and i love your flowers! i bought a basil plant kit at ikea. his name is vasiliy (which, incidentally, is russian for basil). he's growing, slowly but surely... i hope he survives so i can eat him!