Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Me-made-may day 4 and project list

So I just realized how un-photogenic I am when I try to take pictures of myself using the timer. Oh well too bad. Anyway here's day 4(may the fourth be with you). Its Butterick 4443, again!So, since after tomorrow I will have worn all my home-made clothes for Me-Made-May, I've decided I might need to make some more items. AND, since I'll be done with finals at noon tomorrow, I will actually have time to make some!
So I was going to make a ruffly-shirt with this, but then I realized its pretty thick and will be too warm now that the weather is staying nice. So I'm thinking maybe I'll make a Cynthia Rowley skirt. I was thinking maybe the one on the body left.
And then I think I'll make the upper left shirt on this pattern with this pretty flower-y pattern.

And, I've been planning this shirt dress for a while too, and I finally bought some buttons for it! I'm going to make the one in the middle, with this awesome geographic pattern.

I'm also trying to figure out something to do with this yellow polka-dotted fabric. I only have 2 yards, so I'm a bit limited unless I go back and pick up some more. I think I might want to make a less-flow-y dress. I only have 2 or 3 patterns that allow for such small yardage, so I guess I'll figure it out!

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